Integrate the Alloy ITSM and ITAM solutions with the applications and services you already use and to deliver the best service and support from within the service desk. 

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Streamline user authentication with single sign-on (SSO)

Ensure greater security and convenience and give your internal users and customers a seamless authentication experience across Alloy apps and other platforms your company uses, including Microsoft 365, Azure Active Directory, Okta, and others. Set your users free from entering their credentials again and again and let them focus on the actual tasks, not on their passwords.

Keep user information up-to-date across all apps

Minimize administrative overhead with auto-sync user information between your company’s directory service—Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, JumpCloud, Okta, etc.—and Alloy apps. We leverage the industry-standard LDAP protocol for user authentication and synchronization.

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Connect everything with Zapier

Do more work in less time by integrating with 3,000+ apps via Zapier. Zapier is a smart online automation tool that helps quickly connect Alloy ITSM software with other web apps you already use, such as Slack, Trello, Gmail, without coding or relying on developers.

Learn more about Zapier Integration.

Automate your email flows

Automate communication across the company and keep everybody on track. The Alloy email integration feature converts your incoming email messages to requests, incidents, documents, or other business objects and automatically routes them to the right people, sending well-timed notifications, reminders, and alerts to everyone involved.

Learn more about our email ticketing system.

Google Analytics integration

Integrate Alloy self-service portal with Google Analytics to understand your customers better, know the number of visitors, their geography, demographics, and much more. Google Analytics helps you answer important questions: Is your self-service portal attractive for users? What are the peak hours? What groups of employees visit it most? Use these data-driven insights to drive users’ engagement and optimize their self-service experience.

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Our ITSM (IT service management) and ITAM (IT asset management) solutions are tightly integrated into a suite of tools and applications that helps you manage your hardware and software assets throughout their complete life cycle. This approach enables you to maintain a single source of accurate network inventory data and track the relationship between all components of your IT infrastructure in real-time.

Learn more about our network inventory software.

Empower your digital workflows with the superpower of PowerShell

Embed 3rd party tools and PowerShell cmdlets and scripts into workflow steps and empower IT pros and authorized users to launch external tools and commands directly from a web browser or a desktop. Ping or traceroute devices, start remote desktop sessions, reset passwords, update user information in the Active Directory—everything can be done right in your Alloy app.

Learn more about Alloy digital workflows.

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Integrate with Microsoft products

Microsoft Teams

Provide an additional self-serve channel for your employees and customers and keep your IT personnel updated about Alloy-related events without having to leave their Teams.

Microsoft Office

  • Share the knowledge by incorporating your how-tos, troubleshooting instructions, and other content created in Microsoft Word into a centralized, searchable Alloy knowledge base.
  • Visualize your performance and trends with detailed reports in Microsoft Report Definition Language (RDL) format and distribute them in Excel, PDF, or Word formats.

Microsoft Outlook

Let your IT people visualize their due dates and events from Microsoft Outlook’s calendar within their Alloy ITSM solution.

Microsoft Intune

The Intune integration pulls device data from Microsoft Intune into Alloy Asset Management solution.

Incorporate Alloy solutions into your IT infrastructure via the API

Establish smooth communication and data sharing by embedding Alloy solutions into your existing business IT infrastructure using the Alloy REST API.

Learn more about our REST API.

Integrate at the database level

Share data and integrate with external platforms at the database level using our logically organized, well-documented open SQL database structure.

The flexibility is endless, this product is capable of doing anything you design. It can output to batch files, automate tasks and digitize forms. The only limitation is your imagination.

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Mike Gates Infrastructure Manager, Ibstock PLC
Customer service is an art form of sorts, and Alloy knows the meaning of that. Alloy Software goes above and beyond in support of their product.
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Alex OliviaVice President Makita, USA

It’s been instrumental in the growth and support of our clients. Ease of use, customization and fantastic support – no matter the request – make Alloy invaluable

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Stephen Mullens Managing Director, SNC Solutions

The team has outstanding product knowledge and throughout the process they have always provided me with the right answers.

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I recommend Alloy Software to all my suppliers and clients and feel this is well suited to many companies no matter how large of small.

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