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Take control of your IT operations with workflow automation that are aligned with your business goals and operational practices.

IT Workflow Automation

Why Workflow?

If something can be automated, it should be automated. It doesn’t make sense to make your expensive professionals to perform manual, repetitive operations. Leave the routine to our workflow automation engine and accomplish everything, from happier and more productive employees to higher customer satisfaction and great time and costs savings.

People do workflow automation

What makes our workflow automation engine unique?

While other solutions try to pass off reactive, trigger-based event handlers as process automation, our proactive action-based workflow engine provides the real deal. No matter how complex and interdependent your IT processes are, we surely can help you convert them into easy-to-follow digital workflows.

Our superpower is the ability to model the complete lifecycle of any business object, from purchase orders and vendors to computers and Service Desk tickets, and define precisely when and how changes in one object act on other objects and people involved in the process. It is like a magic button — you just hit it, and everything is done automatically.

For example, the process of receiving purchase order line items automatically creates records for new assets and starts calculating their depreciation. Or resolving the root problem automatically closes all associated incident tickets, creates a new how-to article, and notifies all stakeholders. Your employees only need to enter data into a single place instead of several!

Our comprehensive approach to workflow automation eliminates the avalanche effect of changes, reduces duplication of effort, and saves countless hours on the troubleshooting of obscure errors.

How our proactive action-based workflow automation work

Actions are the building blocks of Alloy digital workflows. Actions define steps within a business process and determine the conditions under which these steps can be performed. As objects progress from one state to another through their lifecycle, their properties change. Some changes can be as simple as updating the object status. More complex changes involve creating new objects and triggering subsequent workflow steps on them, sending notifications, and running external commands and scripts. All these changes, small and giant, are made by actions.

Instead of trying to figure out what should happen when somebody changes the assignee or the status of a ticket, our workflow consists of goal-targeted actions that define specific operations at each lifecycle stage of a business object. Any action can be equipped with an individual data entry form where users are prompted to enter the exact information needed to perform the change, with input fields arranged in a perfectly logical order. Users no longer need to memorize what specific combination of changes must be made to trigger a certain effect. They just choose the action they want to apply to an object, like “Reassign Ticket” and the smart workflow prompts the user for the necessary information to complete the action and administer predictable, reliable, and uniform effects across the system.

The workflow automation engine controls which actions are available to users at different phases of an object’s lifecycle, based on their roles in the process. This not only maintains the consistency of your workflows. It also simplifies employees’ daily tasks by providing them only with the relevant options at any given time. Just click the appropriate action, fill in the action form, and focus on your work again.

That’s how our foolproof, flexible workflow actions optimize every stage of any business process. The result is fewer errors, faster and more efficient processing, and a full and transparent audit trail of all activities.

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Lifecycle of automation

Quick start with ready-to-go workflows

  • Approve changes, fulfill incoming service requests, resolve incidents and problems, publish Knowledge Base articles, hire employees, and manage purchase orders in automated mode. Our ready-to-use workflows include all the necessary components to get you started.
  • Address recurring issues, speed-up resolution times, and increase productivity with 30+ out-of-the-box ITIL-compliant ITSM processes. From Incident and Request Management to SLA and Configuration Management, we’ve got you covered.
  • Track and manage assets throughout their lifecycle more efficiently with ready-to-use ITAM workflow automation rules that work as you see fit.
  • Streamline all approval processes in your company and eliminate the hassles and inefficiencies of traditional approval procedures with automated customizable approval workflows.
  • Automate your IT change management processes with the change request workflow and gain control over every aspect. Predict the impact of changes, plan, and schedule work to minimize service downtime.

No limits. Only you decide what is possible.

The key to a successful automation process is to have a clearly defined goal from start to finish. Our solution is designed with versatility in mind, making it easy for nine out of ten customers to use our pre-made workflow with minimal customization. Our default package includes over 2,500 workflow components to ensure a quick and efficient implementation of best-practice IT Service Management and IT Asset Management processes. You also have access to features such as conditional wizard forms, flexible templates, multi-level approval processes and more.

However, we do not impose limitations. If you desire, you can customize or create unique processes that align with your business objectives. And, with the support of our Professional Services team, you can automate and launch complex business processes with ease. The possibilities are endless, the decision is yours.

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Lego blocks represents customization

Workflow Automation Without Coding: Simplifying Processes for Your Team

You don’t need to be a developer to build workflows that boost your team’s productivity. Rely on our intuitive graphical interface to make sure you can create powerful actions in minutes, with no coding.

  • Build workflows like LEGO with a wide range of pre-packaged, reusable workflow components.
  • Embed 3rd party tools and PowerShell scripts into workflow actions and empower users to launch them directly from action forms and wizards.
  • Seamlessly integrate with an unlimited number of external apps based on the interoperability of our open REST API.
  • Check out our extensive online documentation and implement your custom workflows yourself, or contact our Professional Services team for assistance.
  • Automate any related objects: The ability to automate any related objects for a smooth and efficient workflow process.

The flexibility is endless, this product is capable of doing anything you design. It can output to batch files, automate tasks and digitize forms. The only limitation is your imagination.

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Customer service is an art form of sorts, and Alloy knows the meaning of that. Alloy Software goes above and beyond in support of their product.
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