Switch Port Mapping

Gain visibility into your network topology and easily identify which switch port each device is connected to.

How does switch port mapping help?

Network switch port mapping tool helps network engineers and administrator remotely discover network attached devices and identify the switch port number each device is plugged into. Having this information handy saves a lot of time when troubleshooting connectivity issues across the network.
With the port mapping tool IT specialists are able to easily trace and connections to pinpoint issues and restore connectivity faster than ever.

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Discover switches and routers

Easily identify all switches and routers on your network by running a complete network scan, right from where you are.

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Gather Switch Details

Gather switch details

Pull out detailed information for SNMP-enabled network switches including description, IP address, MAC, and  port mapping information for each connected port.

Automated switch port mapping

Get a complete end-to-end port mapping view showing what devices are connected to switch ports.

Automated Switch Port Mappin
Switch Port Mapping

Visualize your network map with diagrams

Create comprehensive network diagrams showing a detailed topology of your network down to switch ports showing IP and MAC addresses of connected devices.

Understand switch capacity

The automatic switch port mapping enables you see what is connected to switch ports and which ports are not connected. Now you can easily tell whether your switches have sufficient capacity for additional devices. 

Control Switch Capacity via switch port mapping

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Easily navigate network connections

Quickly open any connected device’s details right from the network diagram or from the switch’s asset page and navigate up and down any network connection.

Expandable support for switch manufacturers and models

Out of the box, we support a large number of switch models from popular manufacturers such as Cisco and 3Com. If your device is currently unsupported, just contact our Support Team and we will add your devices in the next release.

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Additional Network Inventory Features

Switch Port MappingIntegrations That Help Managing Your Assets

Seamlessly integrate discovered network inventory data with your favorite tools and launch them with a single click for easy control and management of your assets.

Switch Port MappingReports and Analytics

Explore your discovered network inventory data with flexible filters and customizable reports that offer multiple viewpoints and levels of detail.

Switch Port MappingEasy Setup

With our guided, step by step setup process, you’ll be configuring and launching our network inventory software in no time.