IT Knowledge Base Software

Put your team’s expertise into a centralized, searchable internal knowledge base, a simple, easy to navigate resource for your entire team.

Promote a culture of knowledge sharing

Document knowledge about solutions and workarounds to common problems within your organization. Easily make knowledge accessible to anyone who needs it. Keep all important information in one place so your team can find answers quickly and keep the focus on what matters most.

Promote knowledge sharing culture
Increase productivity with Knowledge Base

Increase employee productivity with internal knowledge base software

Empower employees to make better and faster decisions with instant answers and proven solutions. Build a knowledge base faster without worrying too much about the details. (Learn more about knowledge management here)

Improve satisfaction with self-service KB

Help employees find answers to their questions by themselves with Self-Service Portal. Provide significant savings of both time and money for everyone involved.

Improve employee satisfaction

“We have been able to launch a new, intuitive, easy-to-use knowledgebase for our existing and new employee base. With the new knowledge base, we have been able to resolve customer’s inquiries quicker, allowing us to support our customers more efficiently.”

Angela da Rosa

Angela (Angie) da Rosa
Customer Service Trainer & Knowledgebase Specialist, Knowledge First Financial

Promote collaboration

Engage employees in providing feedback for your content. Make employees and your technical teams feel heard and appreciated.

Improve employee engagement

Collect Knowledge Automatically

Gather knowledge and experience

Quickly create guides, Q&A, and how-to articles from existing incidents, problems, and service requests. Simplify the challenge of building and managing a repository for your solutions.

Reduce knowledge loss with your knowledge base

Your internal knowledge base is a powerful resource for your entire team. Collect expertise from senior employees and make it available to beginners. Effectively grow and cultivate the intellectual power of your organization.

Reduce Knowlege Loss
Use existing articles in Knowlege Base

Keep moving forward

Easily transfer your existing manuals, informative documents, guides, FAQs and articles to your knowledge base. Avoid the need to start from scratch.

Automate knowledge gathering with workflows

Set your own rules for creating, approving, and publishing content. Define who can complete each step in the workflow to deliver the best quality possible.

Automate your Knowledge creation with workflows
Control and improve knowledge delivery

Control and improve knowledge delivery

With service-based content delivery, individuals and groups will automatically receive the content that matters to them most.

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