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Automate your IT change management processes with the Alloy ITSM platform and gain control over its every aspect. Predict the impact of changes, plan, and schedule work to minimize service downtime.

ITIL change management lifecycle

We can help you manage IT changes better

Whether your organization already employs an ITIL change management process or you are just exploring a change management strategy, we can help you plan the entire change workflow and drive your change management plan to effectively implement IT changes with minimal risks and impact on your business.

Different approaches to different changes

Handle different types of changes separately, just as ITIL recommends

  • Optimize your process and resources to handle major changes, standard changes, minor changes, and emergency changes.
  • Save resources with a standard, pre-approved process for managing trivial changes.
  • Minimize service disruption and downtime using a specific, fast process for handling emergency changes.
  • Initiate change requests from incidents and problems and monitor them at every stage of their lifecycle.
  • Take advantage of our pre-configured change management workflow or customize your own. Create custom types, statuses, and workflow steps to manage changes as your business requires.
Change management lifecycle indicator

Visualize your change management lifecycle

Rise above what’s happening now and control change management process

  • Simplify change management by breaking the change lifecycle into stages that every change goes through.
  • Gain a clear understanding of where you are within the change process with a graphical progress indicator showing lifecycle stages and outlining the step where you are currently at.
  • Make better decisions with an insight into what has been done and what activities are still outstanding for every change that affects your IT services.
  • Improve the visibility and centralize communication using automated, step-by-step workflows with targeted notifications.

Automated change management approval workflow

Automatically progress change through approval stages

  • Assess impact and priority, plan, authorize, schedule, and review change requests with a change advisory board (CAB) or individually assigned approvers before changes are rolled-out.
  • Ensure no changes get scheduled without a due approval process.
  • Choose from a menu of different voting methods and procedures. Our ready-to-use options include – single vote approval, majority decision, required percentage, or single vote rejection with the ability to request approvals from multiple CAB members simultaneously, or sequentially.
  • Implement multi-stage approvals with different CABs for complex changes that affect many areas of your business.
  • Accelerate approval process with one-click approvals and automated reminders.
  • Integrate Alloy Navigator with the collaboration apps your CAB members prefer, so you can keep all change management communications in a single place.

Screenshot of change management approval form
Change management calendar with event form open

Manage changes with a change management calendar

Plan better with a big picture of all scheduled changes and events

  • Visualize all changes on a change calendar, so you can see a full timeline of scheduled events across your organization and avoid potential conflicts.
  • Choose the best time for changes with a complete picture of all planned outages and business events in one place.
  • Give your customers and internal users an advance announcement about planned downtime and coming service changes.
  • Plan your day, week, or month better with the visibility of the load for the selected period.

Foresee the impact of changes and mitigate risks

Gain a clear understanding and minimize change impact

  • Quickly understand the business impact of every requested change and mitigate potential risks. Just navigate to an interactive map, available directly from the change request, and view all IT assets it affects, together with all related incidents and problems.
  • Make informed decisions faster with immediate access to related Configuration Items (CIs) via CMDB relationships.
  • Keep up to date with accurate CMDB data based on real-time discovery and direct network scan.

Impact analysiz with Related CI view
List of related work order demonstarted ability to plan changes

Implement changes and assess their implementation

Implement approved changes according to the change management plan and conduct post-implementation reviews

  • Save your time and rely on the change management workflow to ensure that only authorized changes are submitted for implementation.
  • Use work orders to divide implementation and post-implementation work between teams or individuals and coordinate the efforts of all participants.
  • Get real-time insight into what’s going on with every change request in progress. You have a comprehensive activity log at your disposal to see who took what action and when.
  • Automatically notify stakeholders at every phase of the change implementation process.
  • Gain better control over change requests with a detailed audit trail.

Monitor change management performance

Continually improve your change management process using monitoring tools

  • Monitor change activity across your organization using our out-of-the-box change management dashboard with drill-down charts and data views.
  • Track and measure the performance of your change management process with ready-to-use change management KPI reports and metrics.

  • Establish service level or operational agreements to determine acceptable downtime and continuously monitor quality levels of your IT services.
  • Ensure control over processes with seamless Problem Management and Incident Management integration.

The flexibility is endless, this product is capable of doing anything you design. It can output to batch files, automate tasks and digitize forms. The only limitation is your imagination.

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Customer service is an art form of sorts, and Alloy knows the meaning of that. Alloy Software goes above and beyond in support of their product.
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