IT Project Management

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What is Alloy IT Project Management?

Simple yet flexible and powerful project management solution that helps you manage projects, promote collaboration, and increase overall productivity. Designed specifically for modern IT teams, it ensures projects are delivered on time by automating workflows and tightly integrating with other aspects of ITSM and ITAM.

Person is looking at project management life cycle Start with a quick project management plan

Plan projects with ease

Planning is the foundation and the most critical stage in any project. Use our simple and intuitive UI to quickly create a project timeline, lay out tasks, and set milestones

Track your project progress and stick to the plan

The Gantt chart is the most commonly used tool for tracking projects, and we use it too because it works so well. The chart visualizes your project tasks and milestones across the timeline and shows the current state of the project. The planned time is compared against the actual time to let you clearly see whether tasks are on-schedule, ahead, or late. You can reschedule tasks directly from the chart and change their order by drag-and-drop.

Measure project management success with milestones

Milestones help you break down large projects into smaller stages so that you have a clear idea of what tasks need to be done and when they should be done by. Automatic reminders and notifications keep stakeholders informed, and your projects – on time.

People and project milestones
People discussing project schedule

Know where your projects are

Keeping track of project progress across numerous tasks and milestones is not easy. The Gantt chart is to the rescue! The chart gives a bird’s eye view of your project tasks and milestones across the timeline and visualizes the current state of the project. You can clearly see whether tasks are on-schedule, ahead, or late. Adjusting project schedules is easy with dragging and dropping tasks on the timeline.

Make informed decisions

Gain a clear understanding of the impact your projects will have across the IT infrastructure with an interactive relationship map where you can see all involved IT assets, configuration items, incident tickets and service requests.

Robot analyzing project taks impact
People are receiving symbolic project tasks

Put your project management plan into action

Easily allocate resources and assign work the appropriate person within the project team. Stay informed when tasks get completed and when a task happens to slip behind schedule.

Keep tabs on ongoing tasks

Steer your projects toward success and minimize the risks of bottlenecks using the task management calendar. The calendar helps you better manage resource allocations by visualizing the workload of your IT specialists along the project’s timeline.

People at project management calendar

Run IT projects your way

Start planning and running IT projects right away with the out-of-the-box project management workflow which includes everything to get you started from notifications, reminders and escalations to automatic calculation of task durations and percentages of project completion. If needed, the default workflow can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of your business.

Project tasks automation

The flexibility is endless, this product is capable of doing anything you design. It can output to batch files, automate tasks and digitize forms. The only limitation is your imagination.

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Mike Gates Infrastructure Manager, Ibstock PLC
Customer service is an art form of sorts, and Alloy knows the meaning of that. Alloy Software goes above and beyond in support of their product.
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It’s been instrumental in the growth and support of our clients. Ease of use, customization and fantastic support – no matter the request – make Alloy invaluable

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The team has outstanding product knowledge and throughout the process they have always provided me with the right answers.

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I recommend Alloy Software to all my suppliers and clients and feel this is well suited to many companies no matter how large of small.

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