Self-Service Portal

Alloy Self-Service Portal helps your employees and customers easily request services and quickly get the answers they need, anytime and anywhere.

Why the self-service portal
is the best place to find support
in the era of remote work?

Give your customers and internal users the power to self-serve, so they never feel abandoned. Save costs and focus your IT resources on high-priority tasks. Rely on our Self-Service Portal to deliver a modern user experience and consistent customer support, 24/7/365. Self-Service Portals have various definitions, and benefit explained however we think it’s better if we told you how our solution can help you in your job instead of just giving you definitions.

Save time and money with modern and effective self-service portal

  • Give your customers and internal users the tools for reporting issues themselves.
  • Make the self-service workflow as easy as possible with our ready-to-use steps and forms.
  • Effectively handle different types of issues with easily customizable self-service workflow.
  • Show your users all IT assets they own and let them quickly report issues without worrying about the name or IP address of the affected device.
  • Save end-users from solving already solved and repetitive problems.
  • Gather feedback and improve your services using automated one-click customer satisfaction surveys.
Person on lifebuoy demonstrates self-service portal idea

Employees share information via self-service portal

Share the knowledge

  • Empower end-users and employees to quickly find answers to their questions in the Knowledge Base.
  • Improve satisfaction with self-service through self-sufficiency.
  • Proactively solve problems and help your users learn.
  • Self-service portal saves both time and money for everyone involved.
  • Get instant feedback on your knowledge base and make your technical teams feel appreciated.
  • Improve your knowledge base with a clear understanding of what users are searching for and when their searches produce no results.

Infographic illustrates the self-service portal highlights

Self-Service Portal provides multilingual support for multinational companies

  • Provide localized self-serve support in customers’ native language.
  • Deliver positive customer experience with automatic detection of user’s locale.
  • Eight ready-to-use language localization packs are available immediately: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.
  • Add as many languages as your global customers need.
Infographic of different languages demonstrates self-service portal i18n capabilities

Streamline the approval process

  • Give stakeholders the ability to cast their votes with a single click, without having to open additional links or pages.
  • Never miss a decision deadline with a clear view of pending requests and automated notifications.
  • Keep a complete history of all decisions.
pictogram represents approvals in self-service portal
Asset reservation form in self-service portal

Provide asset lending services through Self-Service Portal

  • Empower your employees to reserve equipment online by themselves.
  • Provide quick and easy access to all equipment, IT assets, and facilities available for reservation.
  • Boost control over your IT assets and understand the demand for equipment in your organization.
  • Leverage our simple and straightforward workflow for equipment and asset reservations or tailor it for your needs.
Girl requesting service using a self-service portal

Fulfill service requests and meet SLAs with Service Catalog

  • Offer your business products and services through a well-organized Service Catalog where customers can get a complete picture of all available services and find exactly what they need.
  • Make the process of equipment reservation and requesting a service as simple and intuitive as online shopping.
  • Meet service level agreements with automated request prioritization and fulfillment.
  • Save time and resources of your IT department for high-priority tasks and offload standard services such as password reset to self-service.

Brand Self-Service Portal in your corporate style

  • Make the Self-Service Portal look recognizable with the custom look-and-feel matching your corporate colors and styles.
  • Embed your own logo, company name, and business motto to every web page with a couple of clicks.
  • Change the home page’s layout to suit your company style and add your custom widgets.

Share news and announce changes


Announce upcoming changes and share important news to all customers at once.

Announcement Calendar

Publish your announcements immediately or schedule them for later.

Email integration

Share particular announcements outside your organization using direct links in an email or on a web page.

A person on a password field illustrates different access level in a self-service portal

Provide different levels of access to self-service portal resources

  • Restrict access to self-service portal areas and resources based on a user’s role in the organization.
  • Give managers insight into what’s going on in their department and see all technical issues reported by the personnel under their responsibility.
  • Allow anonymous access to public announcements and specific KB articles.

Unlimited and secure access to Self-Service Portal

  • Save money with our unlimited Self-Service Portal license. No matter how many employees and customers you have, all of them can benefit from self-service support at no additional cost.
  • Save time with secure Active Directory integration that creates, activates, and syncs Self-Service Portal accounts automatically.
  • Increase external customer satisfaction by allowing them to register on the Self-Service Portal by themselves.
  • Stay both secure and productive with seamless Active Directory integration that enables your internal users to easily gain access with their existing credentials.
Person with laptop accessing a self-service portal

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