Consumable Management

Effortlessly track consumables across your organization. Prevent costly downtime with flexible low threshold rules, email notifications, and even automatically generated purchase orders to ensure timely restocking.

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No, you’ll never run
out of toner again.

Remove any guesswork about your consumable stock. Driven by the Alloy workflow engine, our automated management processes help ensure timely restoking of consumable materials and prevent costly unexpected downtime over such a small thing as a toner or a triple-A battery.

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Know who consumes your consumables

  • Consumable management comes as a part of our full-featured ITAM software, giving you tools to track the usage of consumable assets, such as spare parts, printer toner, paper, or keyboards. (Find consumables definition  here)
  • Keep tabs on the consumable usage across your organization with our automated digital workflows.
  • Take full control over consumable materials provided to your employees. Or students, if you are a college or school .
  • Keep accurate, complete information about consumables in one place, including all details about their purchase, ownership, and movements between stockrooms.
  • Make informed purchasing decisions based on a clear understanding of the quantity and status of consumable assets at every office site, without leaving your desk.

Play by your own rules. Stock rules.

  • Our flexible stock rules help you automatically maintain correct inventory levels of consumables. Everything you need is just set the consumable thresholds and choose which actions to take on their breach.
  • Easily create custom stock rules for every type of consumables you want to manage—batteries, label tape, toner, paper, stationery, etc.
  • Choose which action to take when consumables are running low. Your options are automated messages to stockroom managers (for example, telling them where they can transfer some quantity from), submitting reorder requests or immediate placement of pre-approved purchase orders from the same vendors. Just choose the best-suited action for every threshold, and let the workflow engine take care of it.
  • Break the cycle of “first not enough, then too much.” Purchase just the right quantity at the right time and save costs.
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Tracking of consumables

Track and analyze consumable usage

  • Without tracking and analysis, your consumable assets could easily fall into a gray area and affect the overall performance of your business.
  • Eliminate guesswork about your consumable usage and availability with accurate reports and real-time charts.
  • Understand the demand for consumable supplies by employee, department, and period.
  • Timely identify depleted supplies and raise red flags to give your stock managers time to prevent unexpected downtime due to a lack of necessary consumables.
  • Track consumable usage by accounting periods for budget analysis.

The flexibility is endless, this product is capable of doing anything you design. It can output to batch files, automate tasks and digitize forms. The only limitation is your imagination.

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