Performance Analytics

Improve service delivery with performance analytics powered by flexible dashboards, and customizable reports.

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If you can’t measure it
you can’t manage it, they say.

Measure the performance of your team and track key metrics and trends in your IT processes with Alloy’s smart dashboards and detailed reports.

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Make your managers’ life easier with best practice KPIs and dashboards

  • Quickly identify negative trends and act immediately to correct them.
  • Make better, informed decisions based on collected performance analytics. Faster.
  • Gain total visibility of all IT processes and systems.
  • Understand data correlations and identify data outliers.
  • Stay informed with the latest updates, real-time information, and all useful reports at your fingertips.
  • Share news and announce upcoming changes to all IT engineers at once.

Give your IT team quick access to KPIs

  • Save the time of your IT engineers and keep them informed about all news and updates.
  • Keep your IT team up to date with Latest Activities dashboard widgets, allowing them to follow what’s happening in their fields of responsibility and giving immediate access to updated objects.
  • Facilitate your employees’ daily operations with shortcuts to frequently used actions, reports, and data views.
  • Arm each technician with a personal dashboard that helps them quickly access all tickets, requests, and approvals pending their attention.
  • Help your employees keep everything under control by showing all important dates, statistics, and counters in one place.
IT dashboards and reports
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Provide every team with the exact information they need

  • Meet the requirements of different audiences and provide separate dashboards for every team.
  • Benefit from our pre-configured, ready-to-use dashboards for Change Management, Incident and Problem Management, IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management, and other IT processes in your company.
  • Hide sensitive information and control the availability of dashboards and reports based on the user’s roles in the organization.

Personalize dashboards and create custom reports

  • Start with our rich dashboard pack, containing 9 ready-made dashboards, 300+ reusable widgets, and 20 dashboard layouts.
  • Easily customize dashboards’ contents and appearance and set their availability to different teams.
  • Help your team members focus on what is important at the moment and enable them to hide less important widgets from their personal dashboards.
  • Design your own dashboards and reports for your unique needs or let our Professional Services team help you with them
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Perfomarmance analytics reports

Report for success

  • Visualize any aspect of your IT processes and share the results with your colleagues using our accurate and detailed reports. Our wide collection includes more than 120 canned reports, broken down by 20 categories for easy access. All reports are ready to use, from diverse KPIs and metrics, such as average ticket resolution times and backlogs, to customer satisfaction ratings and search history of Self-Service Portal users.
  • Run reports on demand for immediate print-out, or export them to Excel, PDF, or Word formats. Right from your web browser.
  • Schedule reports and automatically deliver fresh analytics to stakeholders just in time (for example, before every weekly meeting) to help them make informed decisions.
  • Brand all reports by adding your company logo to every report page. Invite viewers to your website by embedding a hyperlink into your logo.

The flexibility is endless, this product is capable of doing anything you design. It can output to batch files, automate tasks and digitize forms. The only limitation is your imagination.

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Mike Gates Infrastructure Manager, Ibstock PLC
Customer service is an art form of sorts, and Alloy knows the meaning of that. Alloy Software goes above and beyond in support of their product.
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Alex OliviaVice President Makita, USA

It’s been instrumental in the growth and support of our clients. Ease of use, customization and fantastic support – no matter the request – make Alloy invaluable

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Stephen Mullens Managing Director, SNC Solutions

The team has outstanding product knowledge and throughout the process they have always provided me with the right answers.

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Jon HowsonIT Operations Manager, SA Water

I recommend Alloy Software to all my suppliers and clients and feel this is well suited to many companies no matter how large of small.

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Graham HiltonManaging Director, Rivertech Limited

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