Network Discovery and Audit

Using network discovery you will find all IT assets in your network and gather information about each of them

Discover maximum information with no agent installation

Avoid the complexity and logistical hurdles of deploying audit agents on every computer. Complete agentless network discovery of your corporate network and get complete IT inventory in a matter of minutes.

Supported platform:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux
  • Citrix Xenserver
  • macOS
  • ESX\ESXi
  • Google Chromebook

Even though agentless discovery doesn’t require dedicated agents to be installed on the servers to be found, it does depend on native OS or standard protocols that are already installed, such as SNMP, WMI, and others.

Illustration of the agentless network discovery and audit benefits
Illustration of the scheduled  agentless network discovery and audit

Discover and audit what you need, when you need it

Quickly run the audit with a click of a button to obtain an up-to-date account of your hardware and software or set up a schedule to update your IT inventory data on a regular basis. All network discovery jobs can be scheduled to guarantee that you always have genuine information about your network. From a single computer to your entire network, you are in control of the scope and the level of detail with Alloy Network Discovery.

Fast and complete network discovery

Obtain an accurate picture of your IT environment including physical and virtual machines, routers, switches, and other networked assets. Alloy agentless network discovery process utilizes the SNMP and WMI protocols and takes a complete hardware and software inventory for each device.

Stopwatch that represent the speed of network discovery and audit

Agent-based vs. Agentless Discovery Overview

Agent-based:  A little piece of software (an agent) is installed on all network devices. The agent is set to run at regular intervals, once a day on average, and gathers data about computer software, use patterns, and the primary user. Agent technology shines because to its reliability and security. Even if the machine fails,  the inventory will be taken. Another advantage is that data on program use may be gathered, which helps in determining whether or not users need the licensed and supported software that has been installed.

Agentless: To retrieve data, agentless technology relies on a device’s inherent management capabilities. No matter how “agentless” a technology may claim to be, it still requires some kind of process to run in order to get data out of a device, and that uses up resources.  Agentless technologies have the advantage of eliminating the barriers that are associated with installing additional software. This can be a non-trivial process for computers that are already in use, and especially for servers that are mission critical and are running in a data center. Read more about differences here.

The flexibility is endless, this product is capable of doing anything you design. It can output to batch files, automate tasks and digitize forms. The only limitation is your imagination.

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Mike Gates Infrastructure Manager, Ibstock PLC
Customer service is an art form of sorts, and Alloy knows the meaning of that. Alloy Software goes above and beyond in support of their product.
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Alex OliviaVice President Makita, USA

It’s been instrumental in the growth and support of our clients. Ease of use, customization and fantastic support – no matter the request – make Alloy invaluable.

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Stephen Mullens Managing Director, SNC Solutions

The team has outstanding product knowledge and throughout the process they have always provided me with the right answers.

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I recommend Alloy Software to all my suppliers and clients and feel this is well suited to many companies no matter how large of small.

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Additional Network Inventory Features

Network Map

Access an auto-generated topological view of your network inventory and create customizable maps for even more detailed views of your infrastructure.

Software Inventory

Master your software, from Microsoft to Adobe applications, to Windows Hotfixes, driver versions and more. Minimize risks and security threats while staying compliant by tracking licenses and their expiration dates.

Change Tracking

With complete visibility into your hardware and software, you have the power to investigate suspicious or unauthorized changes made to your servers and workstations.

Switch Port Mapping

Visualize your network switches and hubs right down to the ports for complete oversight of not only what switches you have, but where devices are connected.

Alerts and Notifications

Stay informed when critical events take place, whether it’s declining disk space, low toner levels or unwanted software installations, you can react accordingly to address these issues and avoid them in the future.


Seamlessly integrate discovered network inventory data with your favorite tools and launch them with a single click for easy control and management of your assets.

Reports and Analytics

Explore your discovered network inventory data with flexible filters and customizable reports that offer multiple view points and levels of detail.

Easy Setup

With our guided, step by step setup process, you’ll be configuring and launching our network inventory software in no time.

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