Network Mapping Software

Visualize and explore your network topology in no time with our network mapping software.

Rise above and get a complete map of your network.

Looking for the solution for mapping your network?  Network mapping tool automatically scan every corner of your network and immediately produce an interactive network map to gain a bird’s eye view of all computers, routers, switches, and other networked devices.

Network map illustrated the ability to see all networked devices in one place
Switch Port Mapping

Identify and map device connections

Wondering which device connected to where?  Problem solved. Easily determine which device is connected to which switch port without the need to manually trace network cables.

See what you want to see on the network map

Customize the network map by labeling connections, hiding the nodes you do not want on the map, or adding a custom logical connection between network components. Easily analyze your network topology on the fly.

Network Map Edit Options
Map and visualize virtual environments

Instantly map and visualize virtual environments

Visualize connections between virtual machines and their hosts for a clear understanding of dependencies between physical and virtual systems. It is easy with our network mapping software.

Make better decisions

Easily predict impact of hardware and software failures on your network infrastructure. Better plan upgrades and maintenance work to minimize risk of interrupting critical business operations.  See the whole picture with Alloy Network Mapping.

Make better decisions with network mappping software
Collaborate and share network map

Collaborate and share network map

Export network diagrams to Microsoft Visio or Adobe PDF for easy sharing with your colleagues.

Network Mapping Software    Network Mapping Software

Additional Features

Network Mapping SoftwareAgentless Audit and Discovery

Avoid the complexity of having the software installed on each computer. Complete network auditing, discover PCs, servers and IP-enabled devices on-demand or pre-scheduled across all of your network segments without the need for agents.

Network Mapping SoftwareSoftware Inventory

Master your software, from Microsoft to Adobe applications, to Windows Hotfixes, driver versions and more. Minimize risks and security threats while staying compliant by tracking licenses and their expiration dates.

Network Mapping SoftwareBe Informed With Alerts and Notifications

Stay informed when critical events take place, whether it’s declining disk space, low toner levels or unwanted software installations, you can react accordingly to address these issues and avoid them in the future.

Network Mapping SoftwareTrack Hardware and Software Changes

With complete visibility into your hardware and software, you have the power to investigate suspicious or unauthorized changes made to your servers and workstations.

Network Mapping SoftwareSwitch Port Mapping

Visualize your network switches and hubs right down to the ports for complete oversight of not only what switches you have, but where devices are connected.

Network Mapping SoftwareIntegrations That Help Managing Your Assets

Seamlessly integrate discovered network inventory data with your favorite tools and launch them with a single click for easy control and management of your assets.

Network Mapping SoftwareAudit Reports and Network Inventory Analytics

Explore your discovered network inventory data with flexible filters and customizable reports that offer multiple viewpoints and levels of detail.

Network Mapping SoftwareEasy Setup

With our guided, step by step setup process, you’ll be configuring and launching our network inventory software in no time.