IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Optimize IT costs, manage and track IT assets throughout the IT Asset lifecycle management wisely, from requisition to disposal.

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Why  IT asset lifecycle management
is important?

Regardless of how sophisticated the technology is, the primary goal of IT remains unchanged – provide a functional and flexible IT infrastructure at the lowest ownership costs. Achieving this goal through IT asset lifecycle management (ALM) will lead to significant gains in efficiency, productivity, and drive asset cost optimization. An objective understanding and control of the IT assets will help you make informed purchasing decisions, replace equipment at the right time, manage contracts and warranties with accurate and complete information.

People automate it asset lifecycle

Automate the IT asset lifecycle from hire to retire

  • Manage the IT asset lifecycle from request to disposal for a complete asset optimization.
  • Benefit from prebuilt, ready-to-use, customizable IT workflows. Automate ITAM processes (such as onboarding, check-in/check-out, procurement, disposal, and other) in no time.
  • Improve efficiency and increase visibility across your IT environment at any lifecycle stage.
  • Automatically track the lifecycle of every asset and eliminate manual operations with the Alloy workflow engine.

Stay on top of asset purchases and renewals

  • Predict when to purchase or update assets so IT can keep up with changing business requirements.
  • Plan asset allocation and stay updated about upcoming warranty expiration and software renewals.
  • Easily maintain vendor contracts and warranties for better budgeting.
  • Speed up hardware refreshes with automatic PO creation and approval processes.
  • Never miss any renewal of software asset subscription.
  • Integrate PO into IT asset lifecycle management processes from the get-go.
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Maximize asset use and reduce maintenance costs

  • Maximize hardware and software use, always know what assets are being used and what assets are available.
  • Easily identify which assets should be replaced or performed maintenance on to keep your assets in good working condition.
  • Decrease asset downtime and reduce costly repairs with automated maintenance management processes.
  • Stay on top of your asset values with automatic depreciation calculation.
  • Save time and run physical inventory with the Alloy Inventory Scanner App.

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