Universal Relationships

Gain complete IT operational awareness with visual representation of complex relationships across services, processes and other IT infrastructure components.

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Do you have enough information
to drive effective IT decisions?

Today’s businesses are more reliant on information technology than ever.  Information technology has become a vital part of successful business operations, it has also become exponentially more complex and diverse. No matter how complete your repository of IT assets may seem from a glance, it will be of little value if it does not provide insights into how assets affect associated services. Alloy software improves your operational awareness and decision making, helping establish and track meaningful relationships between all IT- and non-IT assets across your organization.

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Go beyond the CMDB

A CMDB (Configuration Management Database) stores not only records for all your IT components, but also information about their physical and logical inter-dependencies. CMDB relationships are essential tools for analyzing the impact of changes within the IT infrastructure on business operations and mitigating the risks of service downtime.

Our integrated CMDB and ITAM platform maintains a comprehensive real-time repository of IT assets, IT services, and other business objects along with their physical and configuration properties, dependencies, and other types of relationships. This valuable data helps achieve more accurate planning of infrastructure changes, understanding their impact on services and business processes, which ultimately leads to increased IT awareness and customer satisfaction.

Read more  about basics of CMDB.

Map relationships graphically

Provide managers and IT professionals with intuitive relationship maps for all critical IT infrastructure components and other business objects. Give decision makers an invaluable instrument for assessing the impact of IT assets on the services you provide and help them estimate the risks before decisions are made. Our graphical relationship maps can be drilled down, filtered, and printed out.

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menu at related objects tab

Instant view of related objects

You can see a preview of related objects right away without having to open them and leave what you’re doing. Right-click on an object that is related on the relationship map and choose “Show Preview” from the menu that appears.

Keep track of relationships that matter

  • Start with more than 30 standard relationship types, covering the most common relations for different classes of objects.
  • Customize canned relationship types by changing their names or scope to better adhere to the needs of your company.
  • Create an unlimited number of custom relationship types to reflect any physical or logical connections between business objects
  • Organize the relationship flow in your way using parent-child (directional) or sibling (peer-to-peer) relationships.
Man points to the map with all objects

Save time and focus on active relations only

Relationship maps, especially ones with a lot of connections, can be hard to understand. You can zoom in and out of the hierarchy to see the details you want.

Establish relationships automatically

Alloy workflow automation engine ensures that nothing is forgotten and every meaningful relationship is accurately recorded. Instead of manually associating one object to another, your employees only need to enter data into a single place, and everything else is done automatically. This eliminates the duplication of effort and saves the time and sanity of your specialists.

For example, the process of receiving purchase order line items for brand-new laptops automatically creates records for new assets with all the financials, creates Computer records in the Configuration Management system, and binds all those objects together.

Our unique Alloy automation engine can create intelligent, multi-tiered relations and use them to immediately update all the related items when business objects progress through their lifecycle.

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The flexibility is endless, this product is capable of doing anything you design. It can output to batch files, automate tasks and digitize forms. The only limitation is your imagination.

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