Automated Approvals

Alloy automated approvals streamline approval processes in your company and eliminate the hassles and inefficiencies of traditional approval procedures.

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In every organization, work often needs to be approved by managers and directors before it can formally begin or move to the next step. Significant changes and big spending are typical items that must undergo a series of approvals from different levels within an organization. Important documents and knowledge base articles could also require a careful factual or technical review and approval before going public.  

Whether approval scenarios in your organization are simple or complicatedwe can help automate your approval workflow and streamline your business processes.  

Flexible approval workflow

Have your choice of custom single-step or chain approvals for any objects, just as your company policy requires. Purchase orders, change requests, service requests, equipment requests, knowledgebase articles, documents… You name it. 

Request approval as many times as needed  

 As request goes through its lifecycle, approvals from additional stakeholders may be required. For example, change requests typically go through two approval processes: the first one before planning, and the second one for post-implementation review. Tune our flexible, highly-customizable workflow to trigger different approval processes at different lifecycle stages of requests. 

Image demostrated automated approvals for incidents and other objects

Free access for approvers 

No matter how many stakeholders get involved in the approval process, there is no limit to the number of managers or employees who can review assigned approval requests and cast their decisions using our Self-Service Portal. That is right, no limit, and no additional licensing cost! 

Screenshot of automated approvals using self-service portal
Autmated approval process illustration

Automated approval routing 

Alloy approval engine automatically forwards submitted approval requests to the right people based on their role in the process, to grant or deny approval within an established time frame. Based on the outcome, approval requests move to next stages of their lifecycle. 

Keep the wheels turning

No more delays due to vacations or illness, no more gaps in the approval process. Approval requests sent to not available approvers are automatically delegated to their alternates. 

Stay productive and in control

Find your balance between control and efficiency with a conditional approval process. Let minor purchases from pre-approved vendors go through an automated procurement process. Shield large purchases above a certain amount with mandatory approvals from authorized decision-makers.

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On-the-go decision making

Our Self-Service Portal and Mobile App enable stakeholders to stay involved in the decision-making process from any corner of the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Email approvals

Only email is needed 

An email address is the only thing that stakeholders need to have to participate in the approval process. They can review approval requests and cast their vote right from email messages, with a single click on either Approve or Reject embedded button. No need to open links or log into additional portals or applications. 

Approval history

Keep decisions transparent 

Anyone involved in the approval processrequesters, approvers, managerscan track the progress of every approval request in real-time. Auditors can always get comprehensive information about who has made any approval, when, and why.  

Approval's API

Complex approval scenarios? No problem!

Benefit from our open approval workflow engine and API integration to build your custom, complex approval processes without coding. 

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