Alloy Self-service Mobile App

The Self-Service mobile app makes it easy to ask for help, solve problems, and communicate to IT professionals, as long as the user is near their phone.

More convenience in self-service

While commuting or lunching out, collaborating is as easy as texting your friend. Your users can now access our self-service tools through the app, right from their phones—or any other mobile device on iOS or Android.

The complete list of self-service features, migrated to mobile app

By putting the same set of features in our mobile self-service app as in our Self-Service Portal, we ensure a smooth and consistent experience across all platforms.  Users can easily switch between devices without learning to use new features or interfaces. They can complete tasks quickly, no matter where they are or which device they are using.

This approach not only increases user productivity but also allows them to access all features anytime, anywhere, providing them with freedom to work on their own schedule and location.

Requesting services via Service Catalog

  • Offer your IT services through Service Catalog where customers can get a complete picture of all available services and find exactly what they need.
  • Redirect typical service requests, such as requesting Wi-Fi access, to Service Catalog, and reduce the workload on your IT team.
  • And make your Service Catalog available to customers anytime they have their phones close—with Alloy Self-Service app.
  • Read more about benefits of  Service Catalog.

Creating tickets to report incidents

  • Make it easy for your customers and internal users to report issues on the go.
  • Give users insight into what’s happening in the incidents they’ve raised.
  • Let them keep track of the resolution process even when they’re away from the keyboard.
  • Read more about What is Incident Management.

Knowledge Base via self-service mobile app

Empower your team with the convenience of mobile access to Knowledge Base. Knowledge Base is always at their fingertips, allowing for quick and easy solutions to any questions they may have. Upgrade your team’s efficiency and empower them to solve problems independently.

Reserving equipment on the go

The ability to reserve equipment allows for a more efficient and streamlined process for managing assets within an organization. By providing asset lending services, users are able to reserve equipment on their own, without the need to constantly communicate with the IT team.

When equipment reservation can be done on mobile through a self-service app, the process becomes even more convenient and accessible for users. This can lead to increased productivity, as users are able to quickly and easily reserve the equipment they need, when they need it. This not only saves time for the user, but also frees up the IT team to focus on other tasks and responsibilities.

Take a picture and report

  • Our Self-Service app supports attachments such as files and pictures.
  • That means your users can attach pictures to tickets when they want to specify an incident they report.
  • IT specialists may find it helpful to send over guides and other resources when explaining the resolution process to users.
  • You can choose to attach an existing image or file from your device library or take a picture immediately in the app.

Single Sign-On

Reduce IT costs and streamline user management. By eliminating the need to manage and maintain multiple sets of login credentials, SSO simplifies the process and makes it easy to add, remove, or update users as needed. With SSO, you’ll have the ability to enjoy a more secure, convenient, and cost-effective way of accessing your mobile self-service applications.

But it’s not just about the convenience, SSO also brings an added layer of security to your mobile self-service. With centralized authentication and authorization, SSO ensures that only authorized users have access to sensitive data, keeping your information safe and secure. This not only protects the users but also the organization.

Make decisions from the smartphone

  • Enable your users to approve decisions wherever it is comfortable for them—even from their phones.
  • No deadline will be missed with the opportunity to look through pending approvals in the app.
  • The whole history of the user’s approvals is also available.

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