Mobile App for Technicians

Manage your requests, incidents, and work orders on the move from a single, native mobile app.

Your Help Desk team shouldn’t be sitting at the desk all time.

Get Alloy Navigator for iOS and Android and set your IT people free with mobile access to ITSM software from anywhere they go.

Person looking at mobile phone on the go

Mobile workflow from anywhere

  • Have all tasks and requests assigned to you and your team right in the palm of your hand.
  • Communicate with customers and colleagues, send meeting requests, and escalate tickets using your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Quickly submit approval requests at any step of the incident resolution or service request fulfillment process.
  • Act immediately with the power to report new issues and assign work orders in the field.
  • Spend no time on timesheets with the automatic timer and the on-the-go ability to log the work you do.
  • If you’ve stumbled upon an unfamiliar issue, you don’t have to run to the nearest laptop to troubleshoot it. Access the team’s knowledge base in the app.

Push notifications for efficient service support

  • Keep up with changes using simple-to-access push notifications, as short and intuitive as in social media.
  • Stay on top of important events and announcements in real time, even when you have the mobile app closed.
  • Don’t miss anything urgent no matter what app you are currently at. Alloy Navigator sends push notifications to both the Mobile App and the Web App.
  • Get all critical email alerts and escalations complemented with push notifications, telling your team what’s up in a few words.
  • Easily customize the content of all canned push notifications and specify the links they open on tap. Configure custom, personalized push notifications in response to events you don’t want to go unnoticed.

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Navigate through the flow of changes

  • Stay actively involved in change management, no matter how far from your desktop you are.
  • Simplify communication with your team and streamline decision-making processes when planning and deploying IT changes.
  • Save time and request infrastructure or process-related changes right from your smartphone.
  • Plan better with a real-time picture of all live change requests across the organization.

Approvals on the go

  • Immediately initiate automated approval processes whenever you need formal approval or authorization on the go.
  • Speed up review and approval routines across the company by giving stakeholders one more channel to give their verdict.
man standing next to mobile app with approval icon on it

The power of Navigator in your mobile phone

  • Search through previous requests to find ready-to-use solutions and get more context on the go.
  • Leverage our flexible data views to get exactly the information you need on your phone screen.
  • Drill down into as many details and related information as you need to make informed decisions.
  • Perform powerful workflow steps with a single tap.
  • Set your team free from computer dependency and let them take their work with them wherever they go. With our native app for mobile physical inventory, Alloy Navigator gives mobile access to both ITSM and ITAM solutions.

The flexibility is endless, this product is capable of doing anything you design. It can output to batch files, automate tasks and digitize forms. The only limitation is your imagination.

Mike Gates Photo
Mike Gates Infrastructure Manager, Ibstock PLC
Customer service is an art form of sorts, and Alloy knows the meaning of that. Alloy Software goes above and beyond in support of their product.
Alex Olivia photo
Alex OliviaVice President Makita, USA

It’s been instrumental in the growth and support of our clients. Ease of use, customization and fantastic support – no matter the request – make Alloy invaluable

Stephen Mullens Photo
Stephen Mullens Managing Director, SNC Solutions

The team has outstanding product knowledge and throughout the process they have always provided me with the right answers.

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Jon HowsonIT Operations Manager, SA Water

I recommend Alloy Software to all my suppliers and clients and feel this is well suited to many companies no matter how large of small.

Graham Hilton
Graham HiltonManaging Director, Rivertech Limited

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