Knowledge Base in Alloy Navigator Mobile

Knowledge is power. Especially when it’s a collection of knowledge about challenges in your specific IT organization. To streamline knowledge access for technicians, we’re adding Knowledge Base to our Alloy Navigator mobile app.

IT specialists can now access the knowledge base on the go through the same mobile interface that they use to respond to and collaborate on tickets. This latest addition empowers users to peruse knowledge base articles, explore categories to locate the required information, and swiftly access the most popular and recently viewed articles.

An in-app knowledge base can be a helpful tool for technicians when they have no access to their laptops, like in a remote facility.

We’ve also added some other improvements to this version of the app, which is already available on Google Play and in App Store.

NOTE: To access the knowledge base through the mobile app, you will need Alloy Navigator 2023.1 or later, Enterprise or Express edition.

About Alloy Navigator mobile

Alloy Navigator mobile app is created with ease of use in mind, allowing you to quickly access support tickets and collaborate with your team and users in real time, no matter where you are. Whether you’re planning, tracking, or communicating, this app has got you covered.