Experience the Summer 2023 Release of Alloy ITSM/ITAM Platform!

Meet the Summer 2023 Release of Alloy Navigator Enterprise, the next generation of our award-winning ITSM/ITAM platform. Taking a big step forward in our technological evolution, this platform harnesses the power of cloud and on-premise capabilities, encapsulating our commitment to innovation, versatility, and user-centric design.

New experience in data grids (preview)

We’re introducing a complete redesign of our data grids, offering lightning-fast speed, smooth performance, and improved efficiency. To try out these amazing changes and explore the potential of the new data grids, toggle the New Experience switch above data views. We value your feedback during this preview period as we fine-tune and enhance the new data grids.

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Redesigned search with reusable search criteria

Searching for specific items has become incredibly convenient, especially for recurring searches. With our redesigned search functionality, you can now reuse your search criteria, saving you valuable time and effort. Perform a search, save your criteria, including filters and options, and reuse them in the future without the need for manual adjustments.

Faster selection of related CIs

We’ve significantly improved the selection of related configuration items (CIs) when working with Service Support tickets. You can now easily differentiate between the requester’s CIs and all available CIs. We’ve also introduced additional features that boost effectiveness and streamline your work, ensuring a more productive and user-friendly experience overall.

Support for Azure SQL

This release introduces support for Azure SQL, meeting the needs of our customers who rely on Microsoft Azure cloud services. Create your Alloy Navigator production database using Azure SQL Database or SQL Managed Instance and open up a world of advantages, such as automatic backups, point-in-time restore capabilities, and a range of other features that enhance your database experience.

What’s more?

There is a wide range of other exciting new features and enhancements that we’re confident you’ll find impressive. To uncover the full potential of our latest additions, access the comprehensive Release Notes on the Alloy Documentation Portal.

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