First Things First: Optimized Category Display in Alloy Self-Service Mobile

The wave of Summer 2023 updates continues with Alloy Self-Service, the mobile application for end-users of IT services. The new version offers quick access to the top-priority knowledge base articles and service catalog items thanks to support for custom display order for categories. 

Starting with Alloy Navigator 2023, IT specialists can customize the order in which categories appear in the knowledge base and service catalog. This enhancement empowers IT teams to present customer-facing parts of the service desk in a way that is more convenient for internal employees and customers. For example, you can move to the top the most popular categories or those you want to promote. And now Alloy Self-Service mobile app also shows categories in the order your IT team defines. 

And as always, this mobile app update comes with some fine-tuning—minor improvements and resolved issues. 

NOTE: Custom display order for categories is available in Alloy Navigator server 2023 or later, Enterprise or Express edition.

About Alloy Self-Service

With Alloy Self-Service mobile app, users can easily report and track issues, request IT services, search for answers in the knowledge base, reserve equipment, and more, all from the convenience of their mobile device.