Alloy Audit Tools 2021.1

A new cumulative update for Alloy Audit Tools is here!

The update adds detection of Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022, among other improvements and bug fixes. The new version also features the added support for both 32- (old) and 64-bit (new) versions of Alloy products, because we have recently upgraded Alloy Navigator and Alloy Discovery to the 64-bit architecture.

For a full list of changes and update instructions, please check out the Release Notes.

What is Alloy Audit Tools?

Alloy Audit Tools is a package of tools for Alloy Navigator and Alloy Discovery product families. The tools are responsible for the detection and identification of hardware and computer equipment on the network.

What products does this update apply to?

This update applies to a complete line of Alloy Software products:

  • Alloy Navigator Enterprise 2021
  • Alloy Navigator Enterprise 8
  • Alloy Navigator Enterprise 7
  • Alloy Discovery Enterprise 2021
  • Alloy Discovery Enterprise 8
  • Alloy Discovery Enterprise 7
  • Alloy Navigator Express 2021
  • Alloy Navigator Express 8
  • Alloy Navigator Express 7
  • Alloy Discovery Express 8
  • Alloy Discovery Express 7

How to get this update?

You can download the update from the Alloy Support Portal. A current Software Maintenance plan is required.