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University of Pittsburgh Selects Alloy Software to Automate IT Support

University Cites Alloy Navigator’s Performance, Ease-of-Use and Affordable Cost of Ownership as Top Reasons for Selecting the Award-Winning Product

Nutley, NJ – February 25, 2008 – Alloy Software, Inc., a leading provider of service and asset management software solutions, today announced that the University of Pittsburgh has selected Alloy Navigator to manage IT support across multiple departments. Through its Financial Information Systems (FIS) department, the University of Pittsburgh provides technical support and delivery to the business and financial areas of the University. FIS handles approximately 500 support requests per month, including any issues related to help desk, desktop and mobile computing, network services and application development.

As Alloy Software’s flagship product, Alloy Navigator provides a centralized service desk platform to proactively administer all aspects of IT service management. It offers a powerful suite of tools to standardize, simplify, and streamline IT operations, and improve service delivery, including self-service. Leveraging industry best practices, Alloy Navigator also enables organizations to automate incident, problem, change, configuration, and service management.

The University of Pittsburgh began their search for a new service desk solution when its support process began to mature, and the FIS team was limited by the information that could be stored on their previous, homegrown system. They sought a product that was easy-to-use, one that adhered to ITIL standards, and one that was easily customizable within its IT environment. The University of Pittsburgh selected Alloy Navigator in 2006.

“Other solutions that we evaluated were either too expensive or inflexible to suit our needs,” explained John Duska, Director of Technical Services and Information Security Officer for the FIS department at the University of Pittsburgh. “Alloy Navigator gave us the ability to combine all of our service and support processes in one system with a common database. The capability to easily link incidents, problems, changes, and configuration items is a key advantage of Alloy Navigator.”

For the FIS department at the University of Pittsburgh, Alloy Navigator has evolved into its central management system for all service and support needs. The department utilizes Alloy Navigator as its help desk system, computer and network inventory system, change management database, software licensing system, internal and external knowledge-base and self-service portal, as well as its main SLA (Service Level Agreement) compliance and reporting tool.

“Since deploying Alloy Navigator, the most valuable benefit of the product is having the ability to centralize all service and support processes into one database,” said Mr. Duska. “By combining incident, problem, change and configuration data, we can now manage our support operations much more efficiently. In implementing Alloy Navigator, we were also able to eliminate our proprietary systems that handled these processes individually and were becoming too costly to maintain.”

“The FIS department at The University of Pittsburgh represents a typical Alloy Software customer in the sense that they can use the Alloy Navigator product to handle many different business processes,” said Johnny Martinez, Senior Implementation Specialist at Alloy Software. “The product provides the depth to handle a variety of business needs, at a very affordable price and with an easy- to-use system. The customization capabilities also allow customers to tailor the product to their exact desire.”

About the University of Pittsburgh and Financial Information Systems

Founded in 1787, the University of Pittsburgh is a leader in education, a pioneer in research, and a partner in regional development. Through its Financial Information Systems (FIS) department, the University of Pittsburgh provides technical support and delivery to the business and financial areas of the University. With 27 employees, FIS’s technical staff provides innovative solutions through the strategic use of people, processes and technology for business advancement and cost savings. To support the University’s mission of teaching, research and service, FIS is responsible for providing resources to manage projects, design processes, develop IT standards, implement and maintain systems, protect assets, secure information, analyze data, establish audit controls, and implement policies.

About Alloy Software

Established in 2002, Alloy Software is a leading provider of service management, asset management, and network management software solutions that help organizations of all sizes automate IT operations. The company’s flagship solution, Alloy Navigator, is a comprehensive IT service management solution based on industry principles. It includes a centralized service desk environment with integrated asset management, configuration management, and change management tools. Used worldwide, Alloy Navigator helps service and support organizations optimize IT resources, improve productivity and financial processes, ensure software license compliance and reduce costs. For more information contact Alloy Software at (973) 661-9700 or visit