Person with magnifying glass next to the mobile app

Quick Search for People in Alloy Navigator Mobile App

Being mobile is in large part about communication. Our app for mobile access to Alloy Navigator™ ITSM platform gives IT people the freedom to communicate with customers and teammates, notify stakeholders, submit approval requests, assign work, and escalate incidents from anywhere, anytime. All those communication tasks typically involve choosing the right person from a list. Although the Alloy workflow engine offers only relevant choices at every workflow step, some lists may be longer than others. Endless scrolling is not what busy people expect from a modern mobile application today.

Our customers asked, and we answered. The latest update adds a quick search for notification recipients, approvers, assignees, escalation parties—now every person list has a search box. Start typing a name into the search box above a list, and the mobile app will instantly filter the list based on what you enter.

Update your Alloy Navigator mobile app today. The latest version is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.