Future-proof your Alloy Navigator deployment

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the 2021.2 release of the Alloy Software ITSM/ITAM platform, including Alloy Navigator Enterprise, Alloy Navigator Express, and Alloy Discovery Enterprise.

The biggest news is that we’ve added the stress-free Pilot Upgrade feature for all our customers, no matter what product, revision, or version you already use. If you were hesitant about upgrading your live production system, you shouldn’t. Now you can test-drive every new version in a pilot environment without affecting your production, and switch it to production mode at your pace when you are ready. The Pilot Upgrade scenario minimizes the downtime, eliminates the fear and shock of upgrades, and future-proofs your deployment of Alloy products.

Another new feature we are proud of is Pilot Testing. It is like the Pilot Upgrade, but without the actual upgrade. When you are eager to get the latest workflow that every new version includes but cannot afford to lose the workflow customizations you have acquired over time, use Pilot Testing. Try the newest workflow in a pilot environment, integrate it into your existing business logic until it suits you perfectly, and then move it to production.

Besides this, the new version improves the overall upgrade experience and resolves some issues reported in earlier versions.

For detailed information about all changes in this release, please see Release Notes for your product:

Release Notes for Alloy Navigator Enterprise

Release Notes for Alloy Navigator Express

Release Notes for Alloy Discovery Enterprise