Why IT Asset Management is Essential to Your Small Business?

As your small business grows, so will the inventory of assets owned by your company. Tracking assets can be burdensome if you do not currently have a process in place. If you were to ask your technology coordinator simple questions such as “How many computers do we have on the floor?” or “Are you sure we are compliant on software licenses?” could you have the answer in a matter of seconds? If the answer is no, your company may be in danger. If your enterprise assets aren’t tagged, tracked and monitored, you could have the equipment and sensitive information walking out the door and you may not even realize it. While this may seem far-fetched, unfortunately, it does happen and the results could be catastrophic for your business.

What Should I Look for in Enterprise Asset Management Software?

Before making any knee-jerk decisions, you may want to invite your technology coordinator and your compliance director in for a meeting to discuss the needs within your business. Since technology assets can be written off as depreciating assets within a company, it may be wise to implement an obsolescence program within your company. If you have all of your assets tagged and inputted into your enterprise management system, you could simply run a report and figure out which workstations need to be replaced first. When you deploy new systems, you will want an asset management solution that associates a code with each new machine, thus identifying it in the system. You will also want a solution that has software running silently on each new workstation image that reports data back to the asset management services that will instantly tell you what software the user has installed, the version number and if the software’s license is compliant.

There are many different facets of enterprise asset management that you may want to explore. Finding the right solution for your company may seem challenging at first, but once you do, you will be able to better scale your operation using the data provided by the right enterprise asset management software.