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Audit Tools 5.3.2 Released

Alloy Software released a new cumulative update to the Alloy Audit Tools which is an integral part of the Alloy Discovery and Alloy Navigator product lines.

This update solves issues with detecting software keys for Microsoft Office 2010 and Autodesk products.

Alloy Audit Tools is a package of various tools and components used by
Alloy Discovery and Alloy Navigator to audit computers and display audit results.
The Alloy Audit Tools package consist of the following modules:

  • Inventory Analyzer for Windows
  • Inventory Analyzer for Linux
  • Inventory Analyzer for Mac
  • Audit Data Viewer

This is a maintenance release for an issue identified in the Inventory Analyzer for Windows included in Audit Tools version 5.3.1.

Target Products

This update applies to the following Alloy Software products:

  • Alloy Navigator 6.1
  • Alloy Navigator 6.0
  • Alloy Navigator 5.3 (with the Network Inventory module updated to version 5.3.1)
  • Alloy Discovery 6.1
  • Alloy Discovery 5.1
  • Alloy Navigator Express 5.1
  • Alloy Navigator Express 6


This update is available for download from the Alloy Software
Support Portal
to customers with a current Software Maintenance & Support plan.