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Alloy Software Starts Beta Testing Mac OS Inventory Analyzer

Offers New Macintosh OS X Auditing Solution

Bloomfield, NJ – October 1, 2004 – Alloy Software, Inc. announced today that it has started beta testing a Macintosh version of its powerful Inventory Analyzer auditing agent for both its Asset Navigator IT service management suite and its Alloy Network Inventory hardware/software inventory solution. Asset Navigator and Network Inventory Navigator use the Inventory Analyzer to audit computers and peripherals and automatically generate a wealth of valuable data about those machines and their installed software products.

Alloy Software already offers Windows and Linux versions of its Inventory Analyzer.

With the Macintosh Inventory Analyzer, new and existing Alloy Software customers will now have the value-added option of quickly and easily auditing all machines that are running the hot new Mac OS X (and any future version of the Mac OS).

“The Macintosh Inventory Analyzer is being launched in direct response to the rapidly emerging Mac OS X market,” said Vladimir Vinogradsky, Alloy Software’s President and CEO. “Alloy Software is dedicated to continually supporting the changing needs of all of our IT customers by aligning with the latest industry trends in tools and technologies. This strategic initiative targets the tremendous volume of new and existing Mac business users worldwide who will now be able to capitalize on the crucial benefits of a fully automated hardware and software audit solution.”

Alloy Software is officially inviting beta testers to participate in the initial round of its Macintosh development effort. Beta testers will receive performance-based discounts. Interested testers are encouraged to call Alloy Software at 800-810-9020 (US toll-free) or +1-973-338-0774 (International), or send email to

The Macintosh Inventory Analyzer will provide a host of demonstrated advantages to IT infrastructure administrators – from small and mid-sized IT groups with a limited number of Macintosh platforms to large organizations that are now using the Macintosh across the entire enterprise. (All-Mac organizations can administer the Windows-based Asset Navigator from a single site machine.) And groups that currently run a mixed Windows and Macintosh user environment can now deploy the Macintosh Inventory Analyzer to audit all of their workstations.

The Macintosh Inventory Analyzer offers an array of benefits across a broad range of industries, including the publishing, advertising, graphic design, and entertainment industries; educational, scientific, engineering, government, and research institutions; the growing wireless market; traditional all-Unix markets integrating with the Macintosh; and now for an increasing number of corporate organizations that are embracing the Mac OS X as a viable enterprise solution. With the new Macintosh Inventory Analyzer option, Alloy Software will effectively bridge the gap among a diverse set of OS environments and pave the way towards the successful audit of virtually any and all IT infrastructures.

Alloy will offer competitive pricing on the upcoming Macintosh Inventory Analyzer. For more information, call Alloy Software at 800-810-9020 (US toll-free) or 1-973-338-0774 (International), or send email to