Alloy Software Introduces New Economic Incentive Programs

Alloy Offers Discount Incentives to Help Companies During Economic Woes

Nutley, NJ – Feb 09, 2009 – Alloy Software, Inc., a leading provider of service and asset management software solutions, today announced special price incentive programs for its award-winning software. These new offerings are geared to help small and medium-sized businesses weather the economy without forfeiting the opportunity to streamline and optimize their IT infrastructures.

As many companies are, or might be faced with budget cuts, Alloy Software has introduced new programs to encourage strategic development. “While demand for Alloy Software has increased over the past year, a percentage of our customers are preparing for budget cuts that may inadvertently affect IT departments,” said Vladimir Vinogradsky, President and CEO at Alloy Software. “In an effort to help our customers become streamlined and efficient while dealing with current economic conditions, we are introducing new pricing strategies.”

Alloy Software’s “Economic Incentive Discount” allows companies to continue improving IT efficiency with best-in-class software solutions even on a tight budget. This special discount is available on all Alloy Software products.

In addition, Alloy Software offers a “Competitive Migration Program” which allows companies to take advantage of a sensible discount when switching to Alloy Software solutions from their current software product. This migration program is designed for customers that have outgrown their current implementation and want to explore other options before renewing support on their current license or upgrading to the next version.

“We are very excited to have witnessed the record-breaking growth over the last 12 months,” said Vladimir Vinogradsky, President and CEO at Alloy Software. “Alloy Software’s growth reflects Alloy Navigator‘s ability to provide customers with a centralized service desk platform to proactively administer all aspects of IT service management, as well as Alloy Discovery’s capacity to provide a comprehensive network inventory solution for administrators and IT service providers. In addition, we are extremely pleased to have launched the Alloy Software JumpStart program as it helps us significantly improve the overall customer experience – something we strive to do each and every day.”

In addition to price incentives, Alloy Software offers simplified and flexible licensing on its family of products. As opposed to many IT service software vendors with complex license models, Alloy Software keeps it simple and competitive. “We make purchasing easy to understand by not requiring licenses for each product feature,” said Robert Josefs, Manager of Sales at Alloy Software. “Complex license models only confuse customers which results in over-purchasing and higher maintenance fees. Not only is the license model competitively priced and easy to understand, it is also open to annual (and month-to-month) subscriptions, which creates opportunities for IT organizations with constrained budgets.”

Alloy Software Program Offerings:

  • Economic Incentive Discount
  • Migration Program
  • Simple, Clear and Flexible Licensing
  • Competitive Pricing and Superior Functionality
  • IT Software Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Both the Economic Incentive Discount and Competitive Migration Program begin on February 5, 2009 and end on May 5, 2009.

About Alloy Software

Established in 2002, Alloy Software is a leading provider of service and asset management software solutions that help organizations of all sizes streamline IT operations. The company’s flagship product, Alloy Navigator, is a comprehensive IT service management solution based on industry best practices. It includes a centralized service desk environment with integrated asset management, configuration management, and change management tools. Used worldwide, Alloy Navigator helps service and support organizations optimize IT resources, improve productivity, ensure software license compliance, and reduce costs. The company’s Alloy Discovery product is a comprehensive network inventory software solution for administrators and IT service providers targeted for small and medium-sized businesses. For more information contact Alloy Software at (973) 661-9700 or visit