Alloy Software Enables Manufacturing Organizations to Build Service Desk Operations

Nutley, NJ – Aug 4, 2008 – Alloy Software, Inc., a leading provider of IT service and asset management software solutions, today announced continued strong demand for its Alloy Navigator and Alloy Discovery products within the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing clients of all sizes are optimizing Alloy Navigator as an IT service desk solution with integrated asset management and the capability to audit computers, while other manufacturing clients are optimizing Alloy Discovery as a comprehensive audit tool. Alloy Software attributes its success within the manufacturing market to each product’s low cost, ease-of-use, flexibility, scalability, and customization capabilities.

Both products offer manufacturing customers a powerful suite of tools to standardize, simplify, and streamline IT operations. Leveraging industry best practices, Alloy Navigator enables manufacturing customers to automate their IT service management processes, including incident, problem, change, and configuration management. Meanwhile, Alloy Discovery provides the tools necessary for manufacturing organizations to configure, deploy, run computer audits, and analyze audit results.

“We selected Alloy Navigator for three main reasons – the user interface is simple and well-designed, the product is easily customizable, and the customer support is second to none,” explained Alex Oliva, IT Director at Makita USA. “With Alloy Navigator, we now have an optimal help desk system and most of our support issues are solved the same day, or within 24 hours.”

Manufacturing companies use Alloy Navigator to assist in the day-to-day operations of the IT department, which includes providing help desk support for software applications, printers, and workstation, while also supporting the technical needs of manufacturing managers, supervisors, and operators. Manufacturing companies who already have another help desk system in place, or whose IT management priorities require only audits of their computers, benefit greatly from Alloy Discovery. Alloy Discovery offers on-demand and scheduled audits of computer hardware and software inventory and provides a convenient interface for a wide array of system management tools, ranging from Telnet, SSH, and Remote Desktop to advanced remote management utilities, such as Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities.

A number of manufacturing companies (both domestic and abroad) are currently using the Alloy Navigator or the Alloy Discovery product. A few of these organizations include Makita USA, The D-J Group of Companies, Canam Steel Corporation, Ossur, and many more.

“Most manufacturing companies have multiple branches, with offices all across a certain state or even across the country,” explained Robert Josefs, Manager of Marketing and Sales at Alloy Software. “It is imperative for these organizations to have access to a reliable, easy-to-use, centralized help desk system to track and resolve support calls. In addition, for those manufacturing organizations that need to take control of their hardware and software inventory, Alloy Discovery is an ideal product as it offers an array of methods and strategies to carry out those tasks.”

Pricing and Availability

Alloy Software’s Alloy Navigator is priced per agent and audit node. Pricing for a three-user access license supporting 100 computer nodes is $3,845 (which includes maintenance). Pricing for 100 computer node license of Alloy Discovery is $795. For more information regarding pricing and availability, please visit

About Alloy Software

Established in 2002, Alloy Software is a leading provider of service management, asset management, and network management software solutions that help organizations of all sizes automate IT operations. The company’s flagship solution, Alloy Navigator, is a comprehensive IT service management solution based on industry principles. It includes a centralized service desk environment with integrated asset management, configuration management, and change management tools. Used worldwide, Alloy Navigator helps service and support organizations optimize IT resources, improve productivity and financial processes, ensure software license compliance and reduce costs. The company’s Alloy Discovery product is a comprehensive network inventory software solution for administrators and IT service providers designed for small and medium-sized businesses. For more information contact Alloy Software at (973) 661-9700 or visit