Alloy Self-Service Assistant Gains Flexibility

Alloy Self-Service Assistant is our integration app that provides self-serve access to Alloy Navigator™ ITSM software from Microsoft Teams. Launched in November 2021, the app has quickly become well-liked by customers who employ multi-channel support.

We’ve made several changes to the app’s setup to provide it with additional versatility. With this update, you will be able to selectively enable app’s features, and optionally provide its users with a link to the fully-featured Self-Service Portal for additional features and a complete user experience.

About Alloy Self-Service Assistant

Alloy Self-Service Assistant is a an integrated Teams app that helps users communicate with Alloy Navigator™ Service Desk straight from Teams chats. The app is available in the Microsoft Teams store.

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About Self-Service Portal

Alloy Self-Service Portal is a self-service web interface to the Alloy Navigator™ ITSM software.

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