Meet Alloy Navigator Express 2021!

Alloy Navigator Express 2021, the new generation of our all-in-one IT Help Desk and IT Asset Management solution, is here. 

Following the recent announcement of Alloy Navigator Enterprise 2021, we are excited to offer the same high level of security and comprehensive customization capabilities to our SMB customers who use Alloy Navigator Express to tackle their daily IT challenges. 

Passwords are becoming optional; the Self-Service Portal is getting a brand-new homepage;  technicians can easily access their essentials through the My Favorites list and much more… Now let’s dig a little deeper. 

IT specialist swims in the space of different Single Sign On Providers

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On support

In today’s IT environment, it is essential to have a consistent, secure identity. Alloy Navigator Express keeps up with the times and introduces Single Sign-On (SSO) support in the new version. SSO authentication allows users to confirm their identity and sign in to different apps with a single set of credentials supplied by a trusted identity source.

  • If you already have an identity provider, such as Microsoft 365 or Okta, or you plan to use one, SSO support in Alloy Navigator Express will significantly secure and simplify your day-to-day Service Desk operations and reduce administrative burden.
  • Let your IT pros and customers focus on their work without the need to memorize passwords for every app they are working with. Alloy Navigator Express 2021 allows you to make entering passwords optional or sign users in with their current credentials.
  • Improve employee productivity and streamline managing user access and security for new and current employees.
  • Keep your company’s identities, assets, and data secure.

Several multi-colored screenshots ща ITSM SSP

Self-Service Portal – refreshed and updated

We’ve redesigned the Self-Service Portal to provide a modern, customizable experience.

Customers will notice visual changes immediately following the upgrade because the homepage has changed dramatically. It has turned out into a beautiful dashboard with a noticeable search box for ready-to-use solutions and a set of collapsible widgets for quick access to their tickets, latest activities, and approvals.

An assortment of ready-to-use, colorful templates allows you to quickly customize the homepage layout and the color theme of the whole portal.

Screenshot of KB

Resolve issues before they get reported

We’ve built a knowledge base search into the ticket submission form to help speed up resolving issues and save time and effort for everyone involved. Self-Service Portal customers would immediately receive a list of potential solutions based on what they are typing.

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Girl paint ITSM UI with rainbow

Web App: focus on the essentials

We analyzed support engineers’ daily operations and redesigned the ticket layout to give an interface that helps optimize their daily job.

The overhauled Web App removes distractions and helps your IT pros focus on the essentials. Activities and communication take center stage, descriptions get easier to find, and details are relocated to the new side panel.

The Web App gets handier, faster, and more beautiful. And you can customize it! A set of canned color themes let you quickly change the Web App’s look and vibe.

Activity log improvements

Having easy access to communication history and activity log is essential for efficient Service Support. We added some long-awaited features that will help you save time and work more productively.

  • First, you can pin important activities to the top of the Activity log to have them close at hand whenever you resume your work.
  • Second, the activity log comes in a compact, collapsed mode, and you can expand some or all of the activities to view them.
  • And last but not least, you can switch between the available display modes—Cards or Table—using a pair of handy controls at the top.
Person pin an Activity

Keep favorites at your fingertips

The My Favorites feature helps keep the items you need to access frequently handy. You can favorite any items—tickets, contracts, people. Just mark an item as a favorite, and it appears in your personal My Favorites list.

Girl put Favorite sign on the form

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