Alloy Navigator Summer 2020 Release is here

Single, unified system for multiple support teams

We believe that every department across the enterprise deserves its own, personalized set of services available. Would you agree? The new Navigator is all you need to provide the best support to every department within your organization—HR, Security, Facilities… you name it.

The Data Segmentation feature makes Alloy Navigator a multi-tenant system. Now you can separate department-specific data, workflows, and automation while encouraging collaboration between functional silos when needed.

  • Show end-users only information and services that are relevant to them.
  • Restrict unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  • Simplify and centralize your IT processes.
  • Monitor performance and report KPIs across all segments.
  • Maintain different SLAs and escalations for different departments.

Mobile App overhaul

Look how grown-up and handsome our mobile app is now! It has finally outgrown its dependency on a Mobile Portal as the backend. Developed using cutting-edge technologies and featuring native API integration, it gives you a new kind of mobile experience.

Manage your Service Desk tickets on the go—with much better performance, improved accessibility, and a fresh, modern look and feel.

  • Enjoy a new beautiful and snappy UI.
  • Spend less time on common tasks.
  • Receive your push notifications in real time, mark them as read, or delete them with a new handy notification menu.
  • Reduce administration overhead thanks to native API backend and more intuitive and flexible tools for configuring push notifications in response to various events.
Person looking at the mobile phone

All tools in your web browser

A web browser is now everything you need to perform your daily IT operations. Keep the entire toolset of your favorite network tools and troubleshooting utilities in one easy to access place – your Navigator.

There is a wide array of quick, ready-made integrations at your disposal, including PingPing, Telnet, Remote Desktop, and our native utility for resetting Windows passwords for those users who forgot it.

We have integrated a number of tools into ready-to-use step actions, so you can run them from your Navigator straight away.

  • Launch external tools from your familiar working environment.
  • Don’t worry about parameters for external commands, because all parameters are substituted automatically.
  • Set up external tools for an object once, and re-use them with any other object of the same type.
  • Easily extend your arsenal of tools with your own, custom-made integrations. You can build them in minutes, without any coding.

Greater usability, fewer clicks

Focus on what you are doing and save your clicks. We’ve completely revised our favorite Web App to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to accomplish your tasks.

  • Initiate workflow step actions directly from grid views and dashboard widgets.
  • Skip preview and immediately open related records using the mouse wheel button.
  • Have much better control over navigation after creating and updating records.
  • Automatically save record changes without annoying confirmations.
  • Quickly go back to grid views using new navigation options.
  • Copy information from activity records on the fly.
  • Keep the Action Bar at your fingertips or make it slide out to give you more usable room on the screen.
  • Switch between views, customize them, and organize your view list from a single place. A new control consolidates all the commands related to data views.
Notification upon diffrent connected forms

Keep up with everything and never lose your changes

We ensure that you will never miss a thing because our push notifications for the Mobile App are now available on the Web App as well. No more dependency on the mailbox on your laptop! Rely on the notification area at the top of the Web App screen to keep up with everything that matters in your Service Desk.

  • Get real-time alerts on ticket assignments and updates.
  • Open tickets directly from notifications.
  • Mark notifications as read or delete them in the Web App or the Mobile App, whichever you are using at the moment.
  • Never lose your changes again! A modification alert will notify you if somebody else was quicker and updated the record you are working.

More goodies

Come to the dark side (they have cookies)

Yes, we too! Our new version boasts a true dark mode in the Desktop App. So, give your eyes a break and wade to the dark side. And make sure to take regular breaks, because the latest research says that just using dark mode is not enough!

Share your amazing content with Navigator

Easily integrate live YouTube videos, Twitter feeds, Google Maps, Facebook posts, or any other external content with the new ability to embed custom JavaScript into your Web App and Self-Service Portal.

All-in-one solution for mobile inventory

With ready-to-use QR code labels for all IT assets across the company, you’ll get everything to start your mobile physical inventory in minutes.

Identify equipment easily

Add real images of your equipment to hardware and computer records. This will help quickly identify IT assets. Show end-users what exactly they check out. Let technicians see the hardware they inventory or troubleshoot.

Unleash the power of PowerShell

Take your workflows to the next level with the ability to run PowerShell cmdlets and scripts directly from workflow actions and triggers. From a web browser or a desktop, on a client or server – now you can launch anything, anywhere.

Erase unwanted memories with one click

Immediately purge all personal data from your database, when GDPR requires it.

Keep the wheels turning with automatic restocking

Automatically create or place purchase orders when you are running low on consumables or hardware pieces.

Streamline Service Desk workflow with automated ticket resolution

Automatically mark parent tickets as completed once all their work orders are completed. And vice versa, auto-complete all child work orders when their parent ticket is marked complete.