Alloy Navigator Enterprise 7.2 Released

Alloy Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of Alloy Navigator Enterprise version 7.2. This minor upgrade offers numerous new features and improvements based on direct feedback from our customers. Here is a list of some of the changes in the new release:

Alloy Navigator Enterprise Improvements

Shared Snippets

In addition to personal snippets (blocks of re-usable text), Alloy Navigator now supports shared snippets. Shared snippets are available to technicians in the Main Console and in the Web Portal.

Latest Activities Widget

Version 7.2 introduces a new “Latest Activities” dashboard widget. The widget displays most recent activities performed on Alloy Navigator objects. Clicking an activity item brings up the corresponding object record.

Duration Data Type

The new version supports user-defined and virtual fields of Duration type. Duration fields store time duration values, such as Time Spent for tickets.

Separate Window for Memo Fields

Now technicians can conveniently edit longer texts using a separate window.

User Sessions Log

Version 7.2 introduces a new User Sessions Log. The log records information about all user sessions, which helps you analyze the ongoing use and access the effectiveness of your license when you use the Concurrent Users model.

Windows Authentication for API

Now the API module supports Windows Authentication. This allows applications to send authentication
information to Alloy Navigator to automatically identify the Windows user account and its access rights.

Drag and Drop Attachments in Web Portals

Now users of the Web Portal and the Self Service Portal can drop attachments to Action Forms, just as in the Main Console.

Self Service Portal Localization

The Self Service Portal (SSP) now includes the Italian language pack.

Improved Security

Self Service Portal account passwords are no longer stored in the database in encrypted form. Instead, Alloy Navigator uses password hashing, meaning it calculates a mathematical derivative of the password using a cryptography function. This is a one-way process, the hash cannot be decrypted.


Customers with a current Software Maintenance & Support plan are eligible to download this update through the Support Portal.