Alloy Navigator Express

Alloy Navigator Express 6.2.1 Update Released

Today Alloy Software released a new update for Alloy Navigator Express 6, an integrated Help Desk and Asset Management solution for Small and Medium Businesses.

Version 6.2.1 is a maintenance release, and it provides several enhancements and fixes for the issues identified in the previous version. Here is a list of some of the changes in version 6.2.1:

  • Ticket Business Policy: When a custom business policy results in a workflow-related event such as changing a Ticket’s assignee, may fail to trigger the e-mail notification. The new version fixes this issue.
  • Main Console, Persons: Fixed the issue with the Account and Roles tab of the Person detail window. Now users without the Administrative Access permission cannot use this tab to grant or revoke security roles assigned to a particular Technician Account.
  • Administrative Settings, Inventory Data Mapping: Fixed the issue with the Export Selected Settings option. Now you can export your Inventory Data Mapping configuration to an individual .xml file.
  • Administrative Settings, Inventory Data Mapping: Fixed the issue with modifying the default Inventory Data Mapping for Computers and Inventory Items. Now you can modify the default mapping for the Asset Tag field, if needed.
  • Main Console, Attachments and Links: Fixed the issue with checking the attachment size limit when users attach files from the Clipboard on the Attachments/Links tab of an object details window. Now users cannot paste attachments exceeding the size limit.
  • Main Console, Persons: Now the Person details window has the Related Objects tab, where you can view and manage Person relations with other objects.
  • Main Console, Purchase Orders: Fixed the Open command in the pop-up menu for PO items. When PO items have been received, you can open their respective asset record details from the Purchase Order detail window.
  • Main Console, Announcements and KB Articles: Fixed the issue with unwanted caching of KB Article or Announcement contents in the HTML editor.
  • Main Console, Summary Reports: The functionality for designing summary reports has been changed. Now you can customize reports by exporting a report layout to a file on the hard drive, customizing the layout in the Crystal Report Designer, and then importing the report layout back into Alloy Navigator Express.

Changes in Alloy Discovery Express 6.2.1:

  • Audit snapshots: Fixed the issue with collecting incomplete information in the Installed Software Products list in some cases.
  • Audit snapshots: Fixed the issue with collecting installation keys and serial numbers for Microsoft Office 2010.
  • Audit snapshots: Now serial numbers for various discovered installations of Audtodesk products are collected.
  • Collections: Fixed the issue with ignoring inclusion rules containing non-Latin characters.

Customers with a current Software Maintenance plan can download the update from the Alloy Support Portal.