Alloy Navigator Enterprise 2022 is live!

Meet Alloy Navigator Enterprise 2022, the next generation of our award-winning cloud-based and on-prem ITSM/ITAM platform.

Focusing on the usability, integration, and security this major upgrade rolls out many new features to help you and your team thrive. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

Compact forms with multiple selection

Reduce visual clutter, improve usability, and speed up your daily operations with concise forms supporting multiple-selection UI controls. Now, instead of dealing with multiple fields on large forms, you can select as many choices as necessary from a single drop-down. 

Web-based Admin Center 

Fine-tune business logic, manage accounts and permissions and configure single sign-on (SSO) providers right from your web browser. The web-based Admin Center provides immediate access to core administrative tasks anytime, from anywhere. 

Talk to other APIs and listen what they say

The next evolution of PowerShell support delivers unmatched power for expansion and integration with third-party APIs. Now the Alloy workflow engine not only can run PowerShell scripts directly from the workflow, but also receive the results back from scripts and act on them, delivering unlimited flexibility and interactivity with external systems.

TeamViewer Integration

Offer seamless remote support to your customers and internal users with the new ready-to-use TeamViewer integration. Now you can remote into their computers or mobile devices right from Alloy Navigator to deliver immediate assistance. 

Microsoft Intune sync 

Import your organization’s mobile phones, tablets, and laptops from Microsoft Intune to auto-populate your CMDB and leverage the ultimate power of Alloy IT Asset Management and Service Management. 

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) detection 

Effectively plan hardware upgrades and Windows migrations by gaining insight into hardware-based security capabilities of your organization’s computers. 


There are many other new features and enhancements that we hope you will like. For detailed information about all changes in this release, please see Release Notes on the Alloy Documentation Portal. 


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