Technician receiving service request on his phone

Service Requests Go Mobile

The ability to deliver IT services in an effective and user-friendly manner is a key to success in the IT Service Management world.  Alloy Navigator delivers a great experience to employees and customers by automating a broad range of standard service requests, including employee onboarding, password resets, provisioning remote access, and hardware requests.

Now with the latest update for our mobile app, service requests can be managed using phones or tablets. This gives your team the power to promptly deliver IT services on the go. Alloy Navigator Mobile is our native mobile app for mobile access to Alloy Navigator™ ITSM software. The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Update your Alloy Navigator Mobile app today to gain these exciting abilities:

  • View all the service requests assigned to you or your team.
  • Create work orders from service requests and convert requests into incidents while on-site.
  • Quickly submit approval requests at any step of the request fulfillment process.
  • Get a real-time picture for better service planning.
  • Communicate with customers and colleagues on the move.
  • Log your work as you complete it even when you are away from the office.

There are more amazing updates just around the corner. We have some great plans, so stay tuned!