Microsoft Word

Transform your legacy Word documents into Alloy Navigator knowledge base articles in easy steps to aggregate the knowledge of your IT team in a single place.


The knowledge base is a powerful tool to store and share knowledge about already known issues in the product and resolutions to the most frequent customer issues. As your IT services evolve, knowledge may get stored in more and more different places, from emails to Word documents to the brains of individual IT pros. If you already possess an internal knowledge base in Microsoft Word documents, you can easily transfer it to Alloy Navigator, without worrying about a tedious migration process.

Main features

  • Import all docs within a folder at once.
  • Assign a distinctive status (such as New) to all the imported articles.
  • Choose a category where all your documents will be imported or create a temporary category to categorize new articles later.


  • Easy knowledge migration to Alloy Navigator.
  • All the valuable knowledge remains accessible.
  • Automated batch import instead of transporting files manually one by one.

Available in

  • Alloy Navigator Enterprise
  • Alloy Navigator Express

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