Microsoft Teams – Notifications

Hook up Teams with Navigator to get alerted about any event significant to your business processes, such as ticket creation or change request approval.


If your workplace is Microsoft Teams, you will surely want to get notifications in Teams when something important happens in Alloy Navigator. Let Alloy Navigator post to a Teams channel whenever a trigger event happens, such as when one of the channel members gets a ticket assigned or closed. Set up trigger conditions and include the needed incident properties in the notification to customize the messages you receive.

Main Features

  • Easy-to-configure, secure webhook integration.
  • The ability to jump to Alloy Navigator by clicking links in Teams notifications.
  • Customizable notification content.


  • A straightforward way to connect Teams with Alloy Navigator based on a built-in Teams feature.
  • Fast and convenient notifications about all important events on the tickets you own as a manager or report on as an employee.
  • Improved visibility for tickets with multiple collaborators and a constant flow of updates.

Available in

  • Alloy Navigator Enterprise

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