Microsoft SCCM /MECM

If MECM or SCCM is where you manage your on-premises hardware, use this integration to keep Alloy Navigator updated about all devices you manage, and run scheduled synchronization to renew device records with this integration regularly.


Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM), previously known as System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), is a software developed by Microsoft to help system administrators manage their servers and workstations in large Active Directory environments before everyone started moving to the cloud. This integration helps your CMDB in Alloy Navigator stay synced with the hardware data stored in your Microsoft SCCM/MECM account. This includes hardware and software inventory information, security status, configuration settings, remote control sessions executed, and user information.

Main features

  • Pre-built workflow configuration that keeps your CMDB in sync with Microsoft SCCM/MECM.
  • Simple configuration with minimum input from your side.
  • Customizable synchronization schedule.


  • Enhanced visibility into your IT environment.
  • Improved service delivery due to the opportunity to quickly identify and address issues.

Available in

  • Alloy Navigator Enterprise
  • Alloy Navigator Express

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