Microsoft Azure AD

Integrate with Azure AD to import user data into Alloy Navigator and keep it in sync automatically.


Azure Active Directory (AD) is Microsoft’s enterprise cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution used around the world. Using a cloud-based Active Directory might make it hard to synchronize with Alloy Navigator because the configuration process is more complex than with an on-premises Active Directory. We’ve developed a lightweight integration to make this process easier. Enter a few lines of text to set it up–your AD records are now in Alloy Navigator, and regular syncs are scheduled. Keep user data up to date, keep up with the changing organizational structure, and have new hires in the system immediately.

Main Features

The integration enables you to:

  • Regularly import user data from the Azure AD, create person records for new users, and update person records for existing users.
  • Associate people with their departments and create new department records when needed.
  • Choose records of which users to import–employees, external collaborators, customers, or all of them.
  • Easily disable (a temporary measure) or deactivate (a permanent measure) accounts of specific persons when needed.


  • Simple no-code synchronization of Azure AD data with Alloy Navigator.
  • The reliability of user data in Alloy Navigator: You can communicate with any person, even if they just joined or switched to another department.

Available in

  • Alloy Navigator Enterprise

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