TeamViewer Integration

Use our pre-built integration to deliver the new level of service support and let your IT pros remote into managed devices directly from Alloy Navigator. Yeah, it’s that easy.


TeamViewer is one of the world’s most trusted remote access and support solutions. Sometimes issues can only be resolved with a direct “intervention” of a support representative, and that’s when TeamViewer comes into play. We’ve built a smooth integration between TeamViewer and Alloy Navigator especially for these cases. Initiate remote sessions from Alloy Navigator and help your users in the most efficient and easy manner.

Main Features

  • Initiate remote sessions right from incident tickets.
  • Start remote sessions only after end-users allow the connection.
  • Simple configuration with minimum input from your side.


  • Easier customer communication. The integration contacts the person via an automated email; the technician doesn’t leave their familiar work interface to send it in.
  • Higher support quality because there are more options for troubleshooting.

Available in

  • Alloy Navigator Enterprise
  • Alloy Navigator Express

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