Microsoft Teams – Alloy Self-Service Assistant

Integrate with Teams to give your people access to Alloy Navigator self-service resources without leaving their go-to work messenger.


Microsoft Teams is probably the most popular messaging app for organizations, a truly modern workspace for real-time collaboration and communication. This integration allows employees to access Alloy Navigator self-service capabilities through a Teams chatbot. People can get help from the bot in one-to-one chats or from conversations with other teammates. The chat commands are intuitive and easy to use. The integration can be beneficial for rapidly getting updates on necessary tickets without switching to another app, especially for users having trouble navigating between multiple tickets.

Main Features

Alloy Self-Service Assistant bot enables end-users to:

  • Check the status of their open tickets and quickly update them.
  • Submit new tickets on the go.
  • View pending approval requests and approve or reject them right from the list.
  • Search the knowledge base and quickly find ready-to-use solutions.


  • The ease of managing tickets for end-users – directly from the default work messenger. No need to switch between various apps and tabs to get updates on the progress of your request.
  • Improved reputation of IT support thanks to better accessibility.

Available in

  • Alloy Navigator Enterprise
  • Alloy Navigator Express

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