Work Remotely with Alloy from Anywhere

Learn how Alloy Software’s ITSM solution can help IT teams stay productive while working remotely.

The era of remote work
has already arrived.

As people all over the world are adapting to work from their own homes, we offer a solution for an efficient, secure, and productive remote work, in line with ITSM best practices.

Girl using self-service portal remotely

Self-service support

Give your customers and internal users unlimited access to IT resources with our Self Service Portal. The portal is a one-stop shop where your employees and global customers can report issues, communicate with the support team, request services, reserve IT assets, and browse the knowledge base — anytime and anywhere, in their native language. (Read more about self-service software)

Share the knowledge anywhere

Finding the information that is needed to stay on task may be challenging. Our ITSM solution will help your IT professionals build and maintain a searchable, web and mobile accessible knowledge base where your colleagues and customers can quickly find answers without getting out of the cozy chair.

People working remotely with a knowledge base
rdering service remotely using the service catalog

Choose the services you want

A service catalog turns complex tasks of ordering and provisioning of required services into a series of well-defined steps that allow customers to get what they need easily. Get started with our basic IT service catalog, and then expand it with the unique services and technologies you provide to your customers or internal users.

Automated approval flows

Keep stakeholders directly involved with our automated, ITIL-compliant approval workflow that relies on mobile apps, modern web technologies, and email. Leave the automation to us and let stakeholders focus on making the right decision, not on the procedure.

Automated approval flows
Mobile app represents ability working remotely from anywhere

Mobile app for remote technicians

Empower your IT engineers with our native mobile app to keep on course with their work, communicate with customers and colleagues, and resolve user requests from their mobile phone or tablet. Push notifications will help them stay on top of important events even when the app is closed.

Full-featured web app for remote work

A web browser is the only tool your personnel need to do their job. Our native web app provides a powerful web interface to all functions and tools, allowing your employees to work efficiently from any internet-enabled laptop or tablet.

People working remotely using a web app
IT specialist audit network working remotely

Remote IT inventory

Automatically discover, track, and manage all your hardware and software IT assets, spread across different networks and locations. Keep your IT inventory up to date and remotely track assets throughout their life cycle.

Audit remote networks and computers

Audit remote networks and remote computers to obtain hardware details and installed software for your IT inventory on a regular basis. Deploy our audit agents on a network share or install them on offsite laptops, and they will periodically audit their host computers and transmit audit snapshots back to the central repository.

Network tools all at your fingertips

Launch your favorite remote access network diagnostic tools directly from our apps using quick, ready-to-use integrations: ping affected switches or computers, open a telnet or SSH session on a server, or start a Remote Desktop session with a single click.

Integrations with other apps

Collaborate your way

For a remote team, having the right collaboration tools could spell the difference between success and failure. Integrate Alloy Navigator with the collaboration apps you use every day—Slack, Teams, Zoom, Trello— and keep all work in a single place.

Monitor personnel activities

How can you know if your remote employees are actually working? We have a wide variety of reports and dashboard charts that can answer that question even before it is asked. Automated alerts, notifications, and escalations ensure that everyone has their work done in time without a manager looking over their shoulder.

Dashboard for monitoring remote employee activities
Employees are using a shared calendar remotely

Calendars for effective teamwork

Plan the teamwork and load balance effectively with our calendars. View the work schedules of your teammates, know who is in charge of what, when deadlines are due, who is overloaded, and who is available to take on more work.

Automate everything

Use our robust and flexible workflow engine to automate everything that can be automated and let your remote workers focus on actual work.

The display shows workflow automation

We know firsthand

Like many of you, our whole team is working fully from home now. Our own software helps us plan, create, test, deploy, maintain, and support all Alloy Software products in fully operational mode. Yes, it works! We can say this from our own experience.

Anna working from home
Liam working from home
Anna working remotely
James working remotely
Tiana on softa with notebook

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