Cloud and On-Premises

Whether you prefer a cloud-based or on-prem IT Service Management solution, we’ve got you covered.

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In the cloud or on-premises?
The choice is yours.

We value freedom of choice. That’s why our award-winning ITSM software can be deployed on-premises on your servers, delivered as SaaS by Alloy Software, or installed on your Azure or AWS cloud.

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Once upon a time, all software, including ITSM, ran on-premises—locally. Once you bought a software product, it became yours forever, together with the bane of consequent updates and migrations. Software implementation included purchasing and administering servers, installing and maintaining the middleware and software, and supporting the IT infrastructure. Hardware and software were yours, with all the relevant risks. There was no alternative.

Over the last decades, the software world has changed dramatically. The cloud era has revolutionized how software vendors deliver their products. Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a standard delivery model for many business tools, including ITSM. The rise of SaaS was based on subscription licensing and eliminating the need to own the infrastructure, drastically reducing the upfront costs and human resources needed to operate IT services. Hosted centrally in the cloud, SaaS requires only an internet connection to allow all employees to access their tools and data from anywhere. According to Gartner, SaaS remains the largest market segment and is forecast to grow about 20% this year and the same next year.

But what if you want your Service Desk and data to be only yours? Among other considerations, SaaS is not an option if your local compliance and data sovereignty requirements don’t allow third-party hosting and prevent you from holding data in the cloud.

Both cloud-based and on-prem deployment options have their advantages. Choose a Service Desk that’s right for your organization, and we will deliver what suits you best, ensuring our stringent security standards. Whatever delivery option you choose, the number of ITSM features you will get remains the same, including Incident Management, Email Ticketing, Service Catalog, Self-Service Portal, Mobile App, Change Management, and more.



Lower upfront costs and operating expenses

SaaS deployment significantly lowers upfront costs by eliminating the need to invest in hardware, middleware, software, and associated maintenance. Subscription payments make operating expenses predictable.

Efficient use of existing IT infrastructure

Why pay subscription fees when you already own and service your existing infrastructure? If you run Windows Server and SQL Server in your organization, you already have everything to deploy and use our in-house Service Desk.

Automatic updates

Perhaps the best benefit of SaaS is automatic updates. Unlike with on-prem software, when companies often postpone updates until they become absolutely necessary (and time-consuming), we will automatically roll out updates as new versions are released.

Your servers, your network

You install your on-prem Service Desk on your servers, keep it within your network, run it inside the firewall, or even offline if needed. You can also integrate your on-prem Service Desk with your other internal systems that are not exposed to the Internet.

Remote access and mobility for everyone

Customers, employees, technicians, and administrators can access your cloud-based Service Desk anytime, from anywhere, using their own devices with an internet connection.

Complete control over your data

Leverage the knowledge and expertise of your IT pros to deploy and manage your Service Desk, control backups and updates, and configure data access in any way you need it. On-prem Service Desk is the best choice if you want complete control and visibility.

Outsourced deployment and maintenance

Let our award-winning service team take care of your Service Desk, and save time and cost spend on planning, deployment, and maintenance.

Data sovereignty

Data sovereignty is the concept that digital data is subject to the laws or legal jurisdiction of the country in which it is stored. If you are restricted by compliance requirements, deploying Service Desk on-premises is a better, or the only, option.

Cloud security

We leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host customer data in secure SSAE 16 audited data centers via Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS).

Better stability and uptime

An on-premises Service Desk doesn’t rely on internet connectivity, avoids latency and bandwidth issues, and lowers networking costs.

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